Verified by Visa

Verified by Visa was developed to help e-commerce or Internet purchases flourish and encourage consumer participation with proven security measures. Verified by Visa, allows cardholders to actively protect their Visa debit or credit card from unauthorized use. When using you Visa debit or credit card on-line, cardholders will be prompted to participate by selecting a PIN or personalized password that becomes their on line “signature” for Web purchases. Each time your member makes a purchase on-line; a Visa window will prompt the cardholder to enter their personalized password. Visa is currently working with on-line merchants and other e-commerce service providers to integrate Verified by Visa into their payment systems.

While Visa cardholders are already protected by Visa’s $0 liability policy, this service will create a solid foundation for secure Internet transactions by instilling consumer confidence, increasing card usage, and creating a safe e-commerce environment for all parties involved in on-line purchasing. Due to this new password protected method, Visa Issuers will lose the chargeback right for “did not make purchase claims by their cardholders”.

National and consumer television and print advertising for Verified by Visa began in December 2001. Statement messages and inserts have been provided over the past year to help encourage coardholders to register their debit and credit cards with the Verified by Visa product. In the near futeure, cardholders will be denied transaction authorizations while attempting to purchase over the Internet if a password is not provided when prompted at the point of purchase.

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